Mountain rescue crews called in as fears grow for missing Doncaster man

One of the posters being used in the hunt for James Henderson.One of the posters being used in the hunt for James Henderson.
One of the posters being used in the hunt for James Henderson.
Mountain rescue teams have been drafted in to join the hunt for a missing Doncaster man as concerns about his safety increase.

James Henderson, 67, has been missing for more than three days - and police, family and friends are renewing their appeals and efforts to track him down.

Mountain Rescue and lowland search teams have been called in to help with the search as officers become increasingly concerned for his welfare.

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Despite extensive searches there has been no definitive leads as to where James, known as Jimmy to his friends and family, may be.

Chief Inspector Adie Brown, leading the search for James said: “James hasn’t been seen or heard from since Saturday afternoon, which in itself is extremely out of character and his family are understandably anxious and very worried about him.

“We know James left his home address on Sutton Road in Askern at around 1pm on Saturday afternoon on his hand-painted, navy blue bicycle with upside down racing bike handlebars.

“CCTV footage shows he attended a local bookmakers at 1.30pm in Askern, and is then seen to leave and head off again on his bike.

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“This was the last sighting we had of James, however various leads have been followed up and we now have information that indicates he returned to his home address at around 3.45pm the same afternoon.

“James changed his clothes, replacing his blue jacket for a khaki coloured one, and believed to still be wearing his patterned flat cap, left the property on his bike cycling along Sutton Road, in the direction towards Sutton.

“There have been no further, confirmed sightings of James since this time and we are very concerned for his wellbeing as he has previously fallen ill while out cycling.

“However, he enjoys the activity, and as has a knee injury that restricts him from walking for long distances, he is still able to cycle for lengthy periods and regularly goes out on his bike without any issues.

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“He has been known to cycle to areas including Little Smeaton, Womersley, Darrington and Wentbridge from his home address when he is out on his bike, however he always returns home and has never been away this length of time without making contact.

“There is no known reason as to why he wouldn’t have returned home, and although extensive searches have taken place, comprehensive enquiries have been conducted and incredible support has been received from the public, we are unable to locate James and ensure he is safe and well.

“I would urge anyone who believes they may have seen him, or if they have any information as to where he may be, to please contact police on 101. Even the slightest piece of information could prove vital in being able to find James.”

James is described as around 5ft 7ins, of medium build with a bald head which he covers with a cap.

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Please quote incident number 482 of 3 April when calling 101.

A Facebook group, entitled Find Jim, has been set up for people to share information and possible leads and friends and family have been combing the area as well as plastering local shops and businesses with posters appealing for help.