Motorist seeks others involved in chaos on The Parkway in Rotherham

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A driver whose car was damaged on the Sheffield Parkway is trying to find 13 others who suffered burst tyres the same day.

Wayne Suter was one of 14 motorists caught up in chaos on Wednesday, January 14, when their tyres burst as they entered the A630 Rotherham Gateway from Rotherham.

They drove over raised drain covers, which burst their tyres, and led to police chiefs ordering the closure of the dual carriageway during rush hour.

Motorists were forced to find alternative routes into Sheffield, with Treeton ending up gridlocked as commuters tried to bypass the roadblock and get back onto the Sheffield Parkway at Catcliffe.

Mr Suter, from Rotherham, was left £1,000 down after having to replace two wheels and tyres and repair the driveshaft on his car.

He also had to take a day off work at a university hall of residence in Sheffield.

Mr Suter has contacted Rotherham Council to make a claim for compensation to recoup his costs.

However, he said he has been told he needs to contact the firm contracted by the council to carry out improvements on the road.

Mr Suter said: “Through no fault of my own, I have been left £1,000 out of pocket.

“I think the council should accept responsibility as ultimately it is behind the roadworks.

“The situation could have been much worse, as it was some vehicles did run into the back of each other, but thankfully there we no serious injuries.”

“If a number of us fight this together we may have more success.”

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