Motorist rip off

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The road after Ecclesfield School changes from 40mph to 30mph. This is where the officer with the camera waits. It is no accident blackspot and his position has nothing to do with road safety. It is an easy place to rip off motorists.

My daughter was ripped off here. If the police can’t find this officer anything better to do, make him the first for redundancy.

R Johnson, S9

Opinion ignored

What baffles me over the fiasco surrounding Sheffield Airport is that local politicians aren’t fighting tooth and nail to save it. I am also concerned that public opinion (yet again) is being ignored, something Sheffield councillors seem to be rather good at.

Steve Bradshaw

Retire at 65

Every man should be made to retire at 65 and women at 60, giving younger people a chance to work. If you haven’t got everything you need at that age there’s something wrong.

Mrs Ann Taylor

I love Retro

Although, as the saying goes, I don’t ‘belong’ to Sheffield, I love Retro. A recent photo showed the ladies at Loxley Chapel. Years ago I went to the Queen’s Garden Party. All the lovely Loxley ladies would have graced her maj’s lawns. Further on in Retro the book reviews caused a smile. Years ago I was running an army drama group and suggested Lysistrata as our next production. I was firmly voted down. None of my thespians wanted anything to do with Lizzie Strarter.

LG, Hastilar Road South, S13

Olympic perks

is there a valid reason or is it another perk why 13,000 free tickets should have been reserved for various politicians to attend the 2012 London Olympics? If people such as these can’t afford to buy a ticket to the event, who can? Talk about the haves and the have-nots. The mind simply boggles.

EB Warris, Raeburn Place, S14