Motorcyclist thanks heroic strangers after skidding into central reservation of Sheffield Parkway

Paramedics treating Trevor Ortton (l) and Trevor on his bike (r)Paramedics treating Trevor Ortton (l) and Trevor on his bike (r)
Paramedics treating Trevor Ortton (l) and Trevor on his bike (r)
A motorcyclist who was thrown from his bike in the Sheffield Parkway crash this morning has thanked the heroic strangers who stepped in to help.

Trevor Ortton was travelling from his home in North Anston to Walkey when a black Honda Civic knocked him off his Aprilla motorbike.

The motorcyclist was thrown off his bike and skidded along the road and into the central reservation at around 9.15am.

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Emergency services rushed to the scene but Trevor said two kind-hearted strangers stepped in to help as he waited for paramedics.

He said: "There were two people who helped me immediately after the crash. They kept me warm, made me laugh and were genuinely great people.

"I just want to thank them as I couldn't do it myself there and then as I was being put in the ambulance."

Trevor said he was filtering between traffic on the Parkway when a car turned into him and 'flung him off the bike'.

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The crash happened on the A630 Sheffield Parkway on the approach to the Prince of Wales roundabout in the direction of the city centre.

South Yorkshire Police said both drivers were left with 'minor injuries' and Trevor confirmed that he suffered a broken arm in the crash.