Mother’s Day ‘tweet’ wouldn’t be sweet...

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Be warned: a Mother’s Day ‘tweet’ or Facebook message just won’t cut it, according to mums in Sheffield.

A study by Royal Mail found 64 per cent of women in the city would be disappointed, or even angry, to receive anything other than a hand-written card this Mother’s Day.

And lavish gifts aren’t necessarily a requirement when it comes to making your dear old mum feel special, with 37 per cent of mothers saying they would prefer the personal touch of just a card to anything lavish like a spa day, afternoon tea treat at the Ritz, or shopping trip.

Apparently it’s what’s in a child’s heart that means most to Sheffield mums, with 41 per cent claiming messages of ‘thanks and love’ top their wish list or even, in the case of 25 per cent of ladies questioned, a bit of humour with a funny message.

Sharon Little of the Greeting Card Association said: “A card is a personal token of love.

“It’s something we keep and treasure, especially when it’s from our children.

“Mums have seen their children’s handwriting develop through childhood, so their handwritten message on paper has a special meaning for us.”