Moscow State Circus trapezes into Sheffield

Moscow State Circus, which is performing in Sheffield from February 4 to 8, 2016
Moscow State Circus, which is performing in Sheffield from February 4 to 8, 2016
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Roll up, roll up...the Moscow State Circus has come to town and is ready to perform some eye-boggling stunts and terrific tricks.

Some of the world’s biggest Russian circus acts are in Sheffield and the first show kicks off tonight at the Wednesdayite car park opposite Hillsborough Stadium.

The show will take place in a 1,000 seater Big Top tent complex with plush seats and heating.

Spectators will be treated to a two-hour display of breathtaking acts and daring madness as the artists put their bodies on the line for the crowd’s entertainment.

David Fitzgerald, general manager of the circus, said: “It is not like your average circus.

“One of the acts which people love is aerial.

“There’s girls up in the air inside bubbles, and they perform tricks above your head.

“They’re in glass, spherical balls so you can see exactly what they’re doing.

“It’s frightening to say the least!”

The circus is not simply an act-after-act ‘conveyor belt’; there is a theme running through the spectacle.

The show is called ‘7 Zhelaniy’, which translates to ‘seven wishes’ in Russian, and is based on a Russian folklore story.

The story is about a selfish, young girl encountering an old gentleman who gives her seven flowers, which turn out to be seven wishes.

The display follows this girl as she makes her seven wishes, interspersed with circus and aerial acts, daredevils and other spectacular entertainment.

David said the performers in the world-renowned circus are delighted to set foot in the famous Steel City for the first time.

“They’ve never been to Sheffield before, so they’re really excited about the show being here and also being in this city,” he said.

“They’ve heard a lot about it. We’re all going on a tour on today to have a look around Sheffield before we open tonight.

“They’ve already been looking at maps of the city and drawing out an itinerary for the day.”

The show, which was originally in town until Monday, has been extended until Wednesday due to a high demand for tickets during half-term week.

Tickets are still available at the ticket office on the day of performances.