Morons park on our pavements

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I’ve seen vehicles parked fully on the pavement.

I’ve seen vehicles parked fully on the pavement.

I’ve seen vehicles being driven by what I always thought were sensible people.They drive down our road, indicate to pull into the side of the road and then aim the vehicle at the footpath.

Then they park it as though there is only them on the estate. No-one can now walk past these vehicles let alone take a child’s pushchair past.

I’ve seen young women with pushchairs have to go on the road because they can’t pass these vehicles.

When are the authorities going to do some thing about these mindless morons and law-breaking idiots?

Name and address supplied.

Higher fare for shorter bus ride

Firstly, forgive my ignorance as my normal mode of transport is the push bike (to work) and I don’t get on the local bus services very much.

I have recently moved from S10 Fulwood to S7 and decided to make the shorter trip to town by bus getting on at Abbeydale Road.

I asked for a £1.30 ticket as this is how much it was from Fulwood which is three or more miles from town.

I expected the driver to say something along the lines of ‘oh it’s only 90p from here’ when in fact he was taken aback and said it was £1.95.

Now the bus prices may have gone up in Fulwood over the last couple of weeks so I will happily say fair enough if that’s the case.

But can anyone tell me if they have and if not, how is it justifiable that from a distance of twice as far in a more affluent area the price could be 65p cheaper?

How is £1.95 for a single journey any incentive for a person to leave their car at home?

I will walk in future.


Who’d be in prince’s shoes?

As a keen golfer myself, I was intrigued to read that Prince Charles, on holiday again in Balmoral, wears a pair of golf shoes while collecting wild mushrooms, to prevent a similar accident to the one in which Camilla slipped on the heather and broke her leg last year.

My mind springs to the questions: does he claim for them on his expenses, did he get his butler, gamekeeper or harpist to break them in for him and you mean he actually picks his own mushrooms ?

For all his oddities, good old Charles will always be known as the only Royal to be featured on the front covers of both Mad Magazine and Private Eye.

What a claim to fame and what a man to rule us in the coming years!

Ron Humberstone, Ecclesfield.

How do they think we’ll live?

I know there will be plenty of people who feel the way I do. I am a 58-year-old lady and cannot now get retirement pension or a bus pass until I am 63 - another five years.

My benefit will be changing in the next month probably leaving me with reduced or no benefit at all. How the Government expects me to get a job with disabilities and my age, I don’t know. It is time the Government woke up to thinking about people similar to myself.

Name, address supplied