More Tory rule

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JC Oxby, (letters, January 25), the EU has nothing to do with our NHS and the Labour party has never used the NHS to gain the immigrant vote.

It was Enoch Powell and his Tory cohorts in the 50s who went to the Caribbean to attract them here with the con that we needed them to work in the public sector/NHS.

It was the trade unions then who opposed mass Tory immigration as when the race relations was set up, companies, private/public had to employ migrants or else were heavily fined.

Jobs weren’t there for our lot and the NHS was well equipped with staff,

SC Oxby doesn’t realise his beloved Tory party are flooding us with migrants, which they always do, for reasons of keeping wages low and inflation with more on benefits.

Old Labour created the NHS, Tories have always opposed it, unless private patients were welcomed.

We’ve had more Tory rule, so who’s responsible for mass immigrationand running the NHS down?

G Ellison

Hawthorne Avanue, S18