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Yuri Matischen, Sheffield Sharks chairman
Yuri Matischen, Sheffield Sharks chairman
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Reader panel: Sport has a bigger story to tell than what happens on the pitch or court

One of the leading figures in the Sheffield sporting scene says The Star offers more than just telling fans about how their favourite team performed.

Yuri Matischen, who is chairman of Sheffield Sharks basketball club and one of the men behind the proposed development on the Don Valley Stadium site, believes readers are put in the picture about what happens in the sports industry and not just on the field of play.

He said: “It varies from sport to sport, with football obviously having a far broader access to their audience than some other sports.

“When The Star covers a sport such as basketball it provides it with a credibility because it is being independently scrutinised.

“This is very important to us in showing partners and sponsors that we hold value.

“We are put in front of people in the paper who may not have a great love for the sport but keep up-to-date with what we’re doing because we’re in print, or online, alongside the area’s other sporting teams and individual figures.

“The newspaper can report on a game but a greater impact can come away from the court with news that may be of interest to a politician or a businessman.

“They ordinarily may not see that story if it was just on our website, for example.”

Yuri, who is managing director of sport and leisure consultants MLS, says it is important for readers to shape the future of The Star and thinks panellists must be listened to.

He said: “There are two sides to it. The Reader Panel has to have its say and give its opinion and The Star has to listen and act upon it.

“Sheffield has a trend to criticise itself rather than ‘upsell’. In sport there are a lot of great stories to tell.

“Clubs do more than just play a game.”

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