More ‘smartcard’ options for tickets

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More bus tickets in South Yorkshire are now available as smartcard options to make travelling around the region easier.

Mega Travel and 16 to 18 student cards are both available as electronic passes which can be scanned by passengers to pay the 70 pence concessionary fare.

David Young, of South Yorkshire Passenger Transport Executive, said: “The introduction of smart ticketing will revolutionise the way passengers travel around South Yorkshire.

“By making MegaTravel and 16 to 18 student cards available as smart tickets, we are continuing to carry out our promise to expand the range of tickets that are smart-enabled, with more planned for 2014.”

South Yorkshire Passenger Transport Executive and project partners YorCard and TravelMaster are developing an integrated system for multi-operator smart ticketing products to be used on all modes of public transport across South Yorkshire.

The system allows passengers to buy tickets on an electronic card instead of using the scratch cards and paper tickets previously available.