More school safety markings enforced by Sheffield council

Westways Primary School parking problems
Westways Primary School parking problems
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Yellow ‘school – keep clear’ markings are set to be enforced at six more locations as part of road safety measures to be approved by Sheffield Council.

The authority is working to make sure all school markings can be enforced in response to The Star’s It’s Your Child campaign against motorists parking dangerously near schools.

Last year, The Star revealed ‘school – keep clear’ markings at just 19 of 173 locations were covered by legal orders which mean fines to be issued for people parking on them.

Markings at Westways Primary School, Mona Avenue, Crookes, Charnock Hall Primary School, Carterhall Road, Stocksbridge High School, Stocksbridge Nursery Infant School, Stocksbridge Junior School and Stocksbridge’s St Anns Junior Infant School are to be given legal orders.

The powers are set to be approved at Sheffield Council’s highways cabinet member decision session, tomorrow.

Westways headteacher Melanie Holmes said: “To me, anything that makes the journey to school for children as safe as possible has to be a good thing.

“The area has an issue with parking because of being near the hospitals and university and the streets are very congested.

“People parking where they shouldn’t is a persistent problem which is only going to get worse as more people take their children to school by car. We regularly remind parents to park responsibly.”

Under the council plans, existing keep clear markings around Westways on Western Road and Mona Avenue will be removed and new, longer, markings painted covering almost half of one side of Mona Avenue, which would ban parking at any time.

Two objections have been made, by surrounding residents who say the restrictions should only apply on Monday to Friday daytimes so the space is available for parking at other times.

At Charnock Hall School, keep clear markings will extend to apply at any time, and extra double yellow lines are to be installed.

No objections have been made.

Headteacher Sarah Scarborough said she was delighted by the new restrictions – as pupils had escaped a number of recent near misses.

“One car mounted the kerb and narrowly missed a child, while another pupil was nearly reversed over. The parking situation here is very, very difficult and it is dangerous.

“We’re expecting a mixed reaction from parents .

“But the pupils themselves will be pleased. We have a number of junior road safety officers who are all too aware of the issues involved,” Mrs Scarborough added.

Legal orders for Stocksbridge cover school keep clear markings on Alpine Road and Pothouse Lane outside Stocksbridge Nursery and Infant School, Cedar Road outside Stocksbridge Junior School, McIntyre Road, outside St Ann’s RC Junior and Infant School, and on Shay House Lane, outside Stocksbridge High School.

No objections have been made at any of the Stocksbridge locations.