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Brendan Ingle MB
Brendan Ingle MB
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As The Star’s editor, Nancy Fielder, said in her editorials of May 26 and 28 the past week has been a very sad one for Sheffield which has seen an unprecedented wave of violence resulting in serious injuries and two more murders.

More people like Brendan

As The Star’s editor, Nancy Fielder, said in her editorials of May 26 and 28 the past week has been a very sad one for Sheffield which has seen an unprecedented wave of violence resulting in serious injuries and two more murders.

These appalling crimes have not just become a regular occurrence in our city but unfortunately is an escalating pattern reflected across the country with around 70 gun and knife related deaths in London since the start of the year.

Also extremely disturbing were the front page pictures, (Star, May 25,) of another problem in urgent need of addressing of the rather menacing individuals who accost people for money in our city centre, and those lying comatose on the pavements under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

What has caused this catastrophic breakdown in our society?

Why is it that certain sections of young people are attracted to the gang culture in which lives are not valued or respected?

What triggers such aggressive and violent behaviour where gang members can end up becoming murderers or being killed themselves and why is it that out of all the photographs issued of those who have died through gun or knife related incidents in London, Sheffield and elsewhere the majority are young black men?

Does the blame lie in the glamourising of the drug culture as depicted in the nauseating gangster rap videos?

How can we turn this shocking situation around?

It would appear that the police are losing control of our streets when they should be adopting a zero tolerance policy in tackling crime and it is quite infuriating that, whilst always complaining about lack of funding, £30 million could be found to police the recent Royal Wedding.

However, as the district commander for Sheffield, Chief Superintendant Stuart Barton, so rightly says: “These aren’t just police problems, they’re societal problems” and they need everyone’s help in tackling the epidemic that is destroying people’s lives and communities.

A greater awareness of responsibility must also lie with many parents who need to spend more time disciplining and educating their children in the difference between right and wrong and knowing where their offspring are going and who they are spending their time with.

Too many don’t seem to care and blame everyone else when a tragedy happens. The sad death of Brendan Ingle reminds us that there are too few people within our communities who give their time to mentoring young people and guiding them along the right path.

As Nancy Fielder said “If there were more Brendans in the world it would be a much better place”.

Susan Richardson

Westminster Crescent, Lodge Moor, Sheffield, S10

Start them when young

Today’s news, more kids are obese by the time they start secondary school now.

Usual rubbish as to how as a society we can tackle it, don’t put takeaways near schools, make fruit cheaper the list goes on.

In the old days I could eat, never put a pound on, but those days are a dim and distant memory now. If I think the old jeans are getting a bit tight I cut back. At my age I have to not eat so much as the pounds pile on.

If kids are getting fatter surely the parents need to take a hold on the situation. It’s not society’s fault that kids are gorging on junk food. They should be eating fruit and veg and balanced meals. Mum and dad should see to that at home.

I am lucky, I have a son who loves his five a day, he prefers bowls of strawberries to bars of chocolate. If you start when they are young, it will carry on through their adult life.

Jayne Grayson

by email

Laughing stock

The recent appointment of Majid Majid as Lord Mayor has certainly raised some concerns.

What will the respective organisations and dignitaries make of the Mayoral candidate dressed in his Mayoral attire, coupled with a pair of Doc Martens and a baseball cap reversed.

He may come across as a court jester but... once again this council has been made a laughing stock.

Mr P Gill

Sheffield, S10

Making the roads safer

It comes as no surprise, 12,000 caught speeding on motorways.

If the law is going to be enforced other than motorways, Blackstock Road for starters in Gleadless, you can double that along with mobile phone use and drink driving. Its worse than an epidemic. So let’s have some cop cars out there making the roads a safer place for all of us, with blue lights flashing.

EB Warris

Sheffield, S14

Emulate final comment

If only Jayne Grayson would emulate the final comment of CM Langan in the Star, May 29, 2018.

Graham Feetham

Sheffield, S25

For everyone

Why does Cyril Olsen think his letters are better than anyone elses? The letters page is for everyone, thought provoking or not.

D Tickhill

Dronfield, S18