More patrols needed to solve litter problems in Sheffield

Overflowing bins off York Street, Sheffield city centre, 13/05/13
Overflowing bins off York Street, Sheffield city centre, 13/05/13
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Images of litter covering Devonshire Green after warm weather last year sickened residents and shopkeepers around the Sheffield city centre park.

Now people in the area say the problem has reduced – but complain litter is still left by people eating and drinking in the area in good weather.

They also say there are not enough patrols by council staff to monitor litter.

Paul Thompson, who runs an electrical business off Devonshire Green, said: “I have noticed the council has put out more bins recently, but I haven’t seen any wardens out taking people to task about litter.

“I’m not sure whether the fines are having much of a deterrent because you don’t see many police or ambassadors.”

Chris Bardsley, a barman at The Green Room, Devonshire Street, believes the council would be better paying for more litter pickers than having staff patrolling and giving out fines.

He said: “On a Friday and Saturday night, the streets are absolutely covered in litter from takeaways but it’s all gone the next morning.

“There was a bit of mess on Devonshire Green in the nice weather but, particularly late at night, it would be easier to have cleaners out and about.

“Having workers going around dishing out punishments will probably cost about the same, but the kind of people who drop litter are not moral people.

“There might be problems confronting offenders, particularly those who have been drinking.”

Shopworker Christie Collins, who works off Devonshire Green but lives on Abbeydale Road, said: “The situation depends on whether the bins have been emptied because there is still litter such as pizza boxes when they are full.

“I can’t say I’ve noticed increased patrols. It would be nice to be able to keep the green tidy.”

Sue Callaghan, from Totley, who runs a bookbinding shop facing Devonshire Green, said her shop suffers ‘huge problems’ from litter blowing into the backyard.

She said: “I think the state of the green has got better but a lot of the problems are due to street drinking and maybe the council could look at tackling that as a root cause.

“I can’t believe people drop litter - nobody seems to have respect any more.”