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RAIL passengers in our region will agree with the comment that they are being taken for a ride after The Star revealed today the scope of profits being soaked from the railways while many feel there is not enough to be seen in the way of investment in new trains.

The rolling stock is owned by companies who are themselves run by financial institutions. And between them and the operating companies, massive sums in profit are being skimmed off money paid by the travelling public.

Meanwhile, despite millions being paid every year to lease trains and carriages, Northern’s routes around South Yorkshire have been graced by no new rolling stock since 1989.

That is disgraceful and leads passengers to be ferried around in ageing carriages while they are expected to pay ever-higher rail fares.

It is time the Government ensured that more of the public’s hard-earned money is diverted to upgrading vehicles in which they are expected to travel.

MPs should not profit from sales

READERS will be delighted to learn that Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg is leading by example and handing over to the taxpayer all profits made on the sale of his Sheffield constituency home.

He bought the house, in Bents Green, when he was elected Hallam MP, in order to have a permanent base here in Sheffield. But lately he has moved into rented accommodation in the Stannington area. This involved the sale of his original home and made a tidy £38,750 profit along the way.

However, he says he will not personally make money from this transaction and is handing the money over to the Treasury... and hopes other MPs will follow his example.

They should do nothing less.

The parliamentary expenses scandal uncovered numerous cases of MPs making large sums of money from transactions involving their second homes.

Doing so simply erodes any respect constituents have for their MP.

Leading the way

SHEFFIELD has long been known and admired for its innovative spirit, leading the way in the world of industry.

And we are delighted that the characteristic lives on in our new technology businesses. This can be seen in Technophobia, an IT firm set up just 16 years ago but which made such a mark in its field that it has been acquired by top UK outsourcing company Capita.

Meanwhile, mobile phone games developer Distinctive Developments has been shortlisted for the prestigious Game of the North Award in this year’s Big Chip digial industries awards.

These are great and encouraging signs that the city’s future is in good hands in the industry of the future.