More mistakes from council

Problems with air quality in and around Sheffield have been mentioned in the media recently.

At the end of last year this great council of ours decided to alter the junction on Fulwood Road and Crookes Road outside Costa Coffee – this junction in the past has proved a problem because of the siting of the bus stop.

What they have now created is utterly pathetic, installing a left turn filter up towards Crookes created by widening the pavement outside Costa Coffee. Why has this been done?

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This exercise seemed to take forever, all this has caused is a tailback towards the top of Glossop Road, standing traffic on Fulwood Road, so creating pollution in and around what is a popular area for schoolchildren and students.

Was any consultation gathered before this costly mistake was undertaken? I don’t think so, thus proving another example of how to waste taxpayers’ money.

While I am on this subject of waste, please explain why it will cost an eyewatering £26 million to save or replace our wonderful tree population?

Yours, a disgusted taxpayer

by email

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