More info please

I was intrigued by Les Cornthwaite's photographic submission entitled 'Common Blue Damselflies' which appeared in the Star on July 22.

The photo showed two such flies in rather striking pose, and I couldn’t help noticing that while one of the subjects was quite clearly blue the other was yellowy green.

Sadly, for those of us who slept through the lecture on “Courtship Rituals of the Order Odonata” the brief caption did not provide much detail.

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Perhaps Mr Cornthwaite would care to enlighten us with further information on the subject.

In particular, I am curious as to who is doing what to whom.

Actually, this reminds me of a photo I have stashed away somewhere, which shows two individuals of the species canis familiaris, one brown and one white.

If I can find it I will send it in. I think I will call it “Brown Dogs”.

(Only joking Mr Cornthwaite, it’s an excellent photo which must have required considerable patience to capture).

Gary Crosby

by email