More importance put on profit than threat to lives

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Regarding the firework issue and “Should we ban Bonfire Night?” (Star, November8). I think we have reached the point where the dangers and stress caused to people and pets far outweighs any pleasure from this tradition.

Far too many young thugs see this as an opportunity to cause mayhem in their community, such as the serious problem the police had to deal with on Abbeydale Road when youths had set up barricades to slow down traffic so they could target vehicles with bricks, bottles and fireworks.

As the police said this behaviour is totally unacceptable and is classed as criminal disorder and must have been extremely frightening for the innocent people caught up in it.

Many fireworks are now like incendiary devices. When placed in the wrong hands they are lethal weapons and that is why the selling of them to the public should be banned and judging from the online comments from Star readers I think most would agree.

Only organised firework displays by responsible bodies of people should take place and be confined to Bonfire Night only. Hefty fines should be imposed on anyone setting off fireworks after 11pm or on any other day.

On New Year’s Eve the same should apply to anyone setting them off after 12.30am.

It seems, however, that more importance is placed on those making money from the sale of fireworks than the threat to life and limb they can cause.

Susan Richardson