‘More holes than a colander’ - residents highlight Sheffield’s pothole hotspots

Potholes on Athol Road. Picture: Andrew Roe
Potholes on Athol Road. Picture: Andrew Roe
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Fed-up residents have highlighted the ‘patchwork quilt’ roads still blighted by potholes on an awareness day today.

National Pothole Day was organised by transport firm Street Repairs to shine a light on the poor state of roads across the country - and has had a massive response online

Star readers living in South Yorkshire have pointed out many highways they say are still a ‘mess’ or ‘danger’ as they have not yet been treated as part of the resurfacing scheme Streets Ahead.

Will Dowling said: “Coisley Hill /Sheffield Road in Woodhouse is known as the patchwork quilt road.

“I have been complaining about that one for five years but isn’t due to be resurfaced for at least another two or three years.”

Matt Jones added: “ I’m off to the garage today to have a new front spring as mine is cracked.

“I guarantee its come from Mill Road, Ecclesfield.

“The surface there is disgraceful.”

Joanne Oxer said Holgate Road in Parson Cross had ‘more holes than a colander’ and Daniel Neil said ‘all the roads where the Tour de France didn’t go’ were affected.

Yorkshire Euro MP Amjad Bashir supported the awareness day.

He said the Government should focus on the ‘crumbling road network’ rather than the HS2 high speed rail link.

He added: “Repairs to our streets are being ignored and it is time for us to go back to basics and tackle the issues which are important for every motorist.”

The council said more than 87,000 potholes had been repaired since August 2012 - but did not confirm how many were left.

Coun Jayne Dunn, cabinet member for Streetscene, said: “Potholes cause congestion, risk road safety and cause misery for all road users - in Sheffield the council has taken action.

“Streets Ahead is fantastic for the city and since August 2012 we have seen significant investment in the road network.”

To report a pothole call 0114 273 4567 or via Sheffield City Council

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