More action on homeless health

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St Mungo’s Broadway have launched a petition to urge the Secretary of State for Health, Jeremy Hunt, to prioritise homeless health and drive urgent change.

Why? Because the average age of someone who dies while homeless is just 47.

And almost twice as many people who use homelessness services have long-term physical health problems and mental health diagnoses compared to the general public.

These shocking health inequalities have no place in our society. Our Homeless Health Matters report reveals that too many people who are homeless struggle with ill health, and too many find it difficult to access healthcare when and where they need it. Failure to treat people early also means they require more emergency and acute health services.

That is why we are asking people to sign our Homeless Health 47 petition at and share their concern. Please encourage readers to consider taking action, so together we can urge the Health Secretary to drive forward vital improvements in healthcare for homeless people.

Jennean Alkadiri

Campaigns Manager, St Mungo’s Broadway