Mop-haired buffoon Boris is 'embarrassing' as Foreign Secretary says Sheffield MP Nick Clegg

Sheffield MP Nick Clegg has accused Boris Johnson of being 'two-faced' and 'intensely embarrassing' as he warned that the Government leading the country into Brexit is 'one of the most clueless' he has ever seen.

By The Newsroom
Thursday, 15th December 2016, 5:13 pm
Updated Saturday, 17th December 2016, 9:06 am
Nick Clegg MP
Nick Clegg MP

The Lib Dem, a former deputy Prime Minister, is reported to have said: “It’s intensely embarrassing having this mop-haired buffoon as our Foreign Secretary, who thinks it’s okay to frighten the living daylights out of the British people by claiming 80 million Turks could turn up at Dover if we were to remain in the EU and then without the slightest smidgen of embarrassment fly off to Ankara and say to the Turks ‘welcome to the EU!’ “It beggars belief. I’ve never seen such unashamed and two-faced posturing,”Mr Clegg, who was one of the leaders of a coalition government with the Conservatives under the leadership of David Cameron, also cast doubt on the image of Theresa May as a steady hand on the tiller at a time of uncertainty for the country. “I think this government is one of the most clueless in living memory,” Mr Clegg said. “Theresa May’s quite methodical manner and demeanour give an impression of the government somehow knowing what it’s doing but I think they are at sixes and sevens. It’s one of the most clueless governments I’ve ever seen.” The Prime Minister with whom Mr Clegg had the closest relationship, Mr Cameron, was “poor and rubbish” once the constraints of coalition were lifted, the former Lib Dem leader said. “They were incompetent the moment they finally got the prize that they’d always longed for,” he said. He claimed Mr Cameron’s legacy will “almost entirely by that spectacular misjudgment to hold the referendum”. “The tragedy I always felt about his position was that he could never admit to his own side and to the barking mad folk at the Daily Mail and elsewhere that he actually quite liked being coalition prime minister,” he said.Mr Clegg continued to make the case for a second vote on the terms of Brexit once negotiations are complete, something which helped Sarah Olney to win the by-election in Richmond Park. He denied that another vote would be tantamount to ignoring the will of people. “I think it’s impeccably democratic because it would be the first referendum which would allow the people to pass a judgment on what Brexit actually means,” he said. “It’s undemocratic to not give the British people a say at the end of the process just as much as they’ve been given at the beginning of the process.” Mr Clegg made the remarks in an interview with Business Insider. Read the full story here

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