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I normally find Monica’s column very interesting with sensible views.

However, I was saddened and quite angry to read her comments regarding golliwogs (Star Retro, Feb 18).

I must be about Monica’s age and clearly remember when I was a little girl having one of these dolls which children of those more innocent times regarded as loveable and not connected in any way with racism.

They were certainly not intended as an insult to black people.

We might as well say today that the Bratz and Barbie dolls which sexualise young girls are an insult to white people.

It isn’t the golliwogs that are pernicious but the nasty-minds of the politically-correct brigade who have hijacked this innocent doll to perpetuate their myth that it is a symbol of racism which I find disgusting.

I certainly hope that golliwogs will continue to be sold and the evil-minded people who besmirch them should be treated with the contempt they deserve. This time ‘Monica didn’t Make Sense’.

Susan Richardson, Westminster Crescent, Lodge Moor

Well done to all those who spotted the ‘delibrate’ mistakes in my article on Saturday!

There were of course naval battles on the lake at Peasholme Park, not navel, which sounded as if belly dancers were performing!

And as regards my comments abouit Jimmy Corrigan, I have to admit that there were no pound coins in the 50s. It should have read simply coins!

Well spotted!


I HAVE just read Monica Dyson’s column in the Saturday’s edition of Retro in which she says that Jimmy Corrigan went to a Mercedes dealer with a bag full of one pound coins.

Sorry, Monica. Not in the 1950s he didn’t.

Anyone will tell you that in the 1950s we still used pound notes. The £1 coin came in much later.

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