Money matters and the views of Labour leader

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According to a recent survey the real value of average earnings in Sheffield has dropped by almost a quarter over the last five years.

We asked via The Star’s facebook page how the financial squeeze is hitting you and your pay packet. This is what you said...

Jimmy Sherwin: I think we all have – all public services that are trying to raise their working conditions have my full support (e.g fire service, council services and NHS to name but a few) as they also raise the private sectors pay standards indirectly. We should all strive for better working conditions – there’s a correlation when the Conservatives are in – strikes, cuts and misery

Glenn Beckett: And when Labour are in it’s all lies and mass immigration with completely open borders! Vote Liebour if you want to destroy your own country

Caz Bladebabe Maw: If we tighten our belts any more, we will be cut in two

Steve Rowe: Clegg the spineless will be happy

Ed’s message

Labour leader Ed Miliband said in his New Year message that he will fight for better living standards in his New Year message. Here’s what you thought to his plans:

Craig North: Miliband is even worse than Cameron and that is saying someting. Marxist and dangerous

Patricia White: Hope you keep your promise x

Steve Rowe: Marxist? Lol

Jarrod Jones: If it looks like bs and smells like bs, it’s probably bs.

Glyn Heppenstall: He can make any promises he likes, as he won’t have to keep them. He will never be elected as Prime minister

Darren Scanlon: Another Billy Liar.

Matthew Tanser: He’s got my vote. These right wing UKIP loons wont be getting in. All the roads are being done in Sheffield. Thanks to a Labour council. All the pensioners have free travel thanks to Labour too

Colin Parkinson: When will ppl learn no matter who’s in charge they’re just different sides to the same coin aiming to do one thing, make the rich richer and the poor poorer

Julie Cinders: Hewitt, we need to put great back in Britain, be able to say stuff without being called racist, close our borders until times are better and spend aid here. Gizza job @Mr Miliband