Money delivered with an apology

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WITH reference to Mrs Webster’s letter (Apr 2) about cards being opened, money stolen etc. A lot of us have experienced this.

People should try to treat others at all times like they would want to be treated themselves. They often say ‘what a terrible world this is getting’. But it’s a lovely world, with beautiful flowers and animals etc. It is a few people who make it seem bad.

In the postmen’s favour, I must add that a few weeks ago we sent a congratulations card to a young boy in Hull with a nice amount of money in it. It came open in transit, card and money both fell out but it arrived safely in a plastic bag. Both card and money went to their home with an apology note. Absolutely superb. It restored our faith in the postmen who do a wonderful job in all weathers and, at times, have terrifying experiences.

Take care and thank you to whoever it was that delivered our card safely.

Barbara Fee, S2