Molly Lynch: Shaven-headed maidens the real twerks in Miley saga

Miley Cyrus 'twerking'
Miley Cyrus 'twerking'
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Poor Miley Cyrus. As if having a name which sounds like a contagious skin rash isn’t bad enough, her scantily-clad ‘twerking’ antics have come in for heavy criticism from older female pop stars.

Miley – who rose to fame in the wholesome Disney show Hannah Montana – has been the poster girl for the debate on the ‘overtly sexual’ way young women in the music industry are marketed ever since she got on stage in her undercrackers at the MTV awards, rubbing her buttocks against fellas.

First, Sinead O’Connor penned an open letter to 20-year-old Miley urging her to cover up, then Annie Lennox waded in to the argument, claiming to be disturbed by the phenomenon and its impact on impressionable young girls.

Presumably the roots of Miley’s image overhaul began to flourish when Mickey Mouse released her from contract. This is nothing new.

Just like Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera before her, she is socking it to Donald Duck and the gang by sporting a terrible haircut and taking a pair of scissors to her clothing collection.

While I am no huge fan of Miley, or twerking for that matter, I believe the attack of the shaven-headed maidens is a little unfair.

We must remember Miley has grown up in the shadow of her country singer father Billy Ray, he of Achy Breaky Heart fame.

Being the daughter of a man responsible for inflicting such a horrible song upon the world – and with it inspiring a new generation of middle-aged line dancers shuffling up and down church halls in their cowboy boots – it is little wonder she has embarked upon a mission to get as far away from the trailer park gal image, y’all.

I can’t help but be suspicious of Lennox and O’Connor’s motives in offering this motherly advice. The latter hasn’t made a decent tune since the one where she cries in the video.

By waxing lyrical about Miley, Sinead has thrust herself into the spotlight, reminding us she’s still knocking about. If the motives which governed her were pure she’d have written a private letter to Miss Cyrus. As for Lennox labelling other videos ‘disturbing’, I’d like to remind her that I didn’t sleep for a week after I saw the Eurthymics’ Sweet Dreams video with its masked cello players and what appeared to be a very pretty ginger man looking exceptionally sinister next to a herd of confused cattle.