Mobile phone mast concern

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A FOURTH bid to site a large mobile phone mast on land close to homes, a church, a children’s play area and nursery is set for rejection following numerous protests.

Vodafone has submitted a planning application to North East Derbyshire Council for a 14.8m high mast on land at the side of Walton Back Lane, Walton and Matlock Road, Chesterfield.

The council has received 22 protest letters and their planning manager is recommending refusal of the application.

The mast would be 50 metres from the nearest homes and 100 metres from St John’s parish church and childrens day nursery.

The planning officer said the mast would be a ‘prominent intrusion on open space’ at the side of the main road into Chesterfield from Matlock between the countryside and the built-up area entering the town and reduce the openness of the Green Belt.