Mixed reaction to brewery's 'swearing ban' in South Yorkshire pubs

The Brown Bear in Sheffield city centre.The Brown Bear in Sheffield city centre.
The Brown Bear in Sheffield city centre.
Pub-goers have served up a mixed reaction to a new 'swearing ban' rule that has been implemented in more than 30 South Yorkshire boozers.

All alehouses run by the independent brewery Samuel Smith are reportedly under orders to implement the company’s new ‘zero tolerance’ ban on profanity.

The regulations allegedly state pub managers must refuse to serve customers who continue to use bad language in any of its inns - and they could be asked to leave if they persist with their foul language. There are believed to be more than 30 pubs across South Yorkshire run by Tadcaster-based Samuel Smith.

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Drinkers seem to be torn over whether the new rule is a good idea.

Carol Cooper was in favour of it and said: "About time. I don't want to listen to foul language, shows a lack of good manners."

Jan Thomson added: "Yes if it's excessive and loud upsetting to other's we chuck you out no problem."

Barbara Stapleton said: "It's about time more places should do it."

But others were critical of the move.

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Sam Carnall said: "This is pathetic. As long as it's not abusive what is the problem?"

Gorgie Lad added: "There is the non smoking ban and now this, come on. We are adults with the rights of however we use the English language, freedom of speech springs to mind."

Adelle Jade agreed and said: "What happened to freedom of speech? If people aren't shouting and it's not in a child orientated area then why should they stop?"

Among the pubs to introduce the ban is The Brown Bear in Sheffield city centre,

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A member of staff at the Norfolk Street boozer said: "If anyone is caught swearing we politely ask them to stop but if they continue then we can refuse service and ask them to leave.

"We have not had to ask anyone to leave as yet. Everyone seems to keep to the rules."

A notice from the brewery displayed at the pub states: "We wish to inform all of our customers that we have introduced a zero tolerance policy against swearing in all of our pubs. Please kindly respect this policy.”