Mixed reaction to axing of weekly wheelie bin service

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PLANS to axe weekly wheelie bin collections in Sheffield have prompted mixed reaction from Star readers.

PLANS to axe weekly wheelie bin collections in Sheffield have prompted mixed reaction from Star readers.

The Star’s website and Facebook page have been flooded with comments about the controversial proposals.

Mark Smith said on Facebook: “Not a good idea. I try to recycle as much as I can but some weeks it’s hard to fit everything that’s rubbish into wheelie bin so it will be bad if it goes round fortnightly.”

Jamie Hines warned: “Fly-tipping will probably start to soar after the changes.”

And reader Cookie4951, who also fears it will lead to more fly-tipping, said: “Our house backs on to Wincobank Woods.

“This area is already being used illegally as a landfill by certain residents on a nearby estate. This area is a stinking mess of fly-tipped rubbish. And now, well done Sheffield Council, the money you will save on making waste collections fortnightly, you will no doubt spend on removing the rubbish from fly-tipping.”

Bytor commented on The Star’s website: “It’s not going to affect us as there is only the two of us. We recycle what we can, have access to a car, don’t do takeaways, no cats, small garden with compost bin, no babies and shop local...in fact the bin goes for collection only once every three weeks.”

Bertiesmum added: “Fortnightly collections and no garden waste collection will not work in summer.’’

Honolulu added: “The streets in and around Sheffield are already a mess, strewn with litter. Fortnightly bin collections will only make thinks worse.”

Mick Ibbotson, of Southey, said: “It sounds a good idea to save money but only if improvements are made to the alternatives collections such as recycling facilities.”

But Carrie Rodgers, aged 34, a civil servant and married mum of two young sons who lives in Treeton, where Rotherham Council already provides fortnightly bin collections, said: “I can remember when fortnightly collections were brought in and people had concerns.

“However, as long as I do my bit with recycling we never have a problem. I never notice a smell and when it was Christmas we had a weekly collection because of the extra rubbish.”

Coun Creasy, Green councillor for Central ward, said: “Fortnightly collections encourage people to recycle more, but Green councillors will be insisting that people in large households are offered larger bins and that the recycling service is improved.

“The options are limited by the council’s long-term waste contract with multinational Veolia and we are now paying the price for privatising the service.”

Vonny Watts, Conservative candidate for Fulwood at May’s council elections, said: “I would like to know how much the council are having to pay to compensate Veolia for such huge changes to an agreed contract.”

The GMB trade union, which represents binmen and predicts up to 40 could lose their jobs once fortnightly collections are implemented, reiterated its call for contractor Veolia to have ‘meaningful consultation’ with staff.