Mister Tom now ready to move into a loving home

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HIS cruel owner left this loving dog with deep knife wounds in his head.

And the poor creature’s torture didn’t end there.

An untreated condition threatened to rob him of his sight.

But despite the cruelty inflicted upon him, this beautiful, seven-year-old Shar Pei remains the perfect gent.

When he was taken in at the RSPCA Animal Shelter staff called him Mister Tom, after a lad who needed love, care and attention in a popular children’s book by Michelle Magorian.

RSPCA Sheffield Branch Care Manager Tony Benham said: “Mister Tom has had a terrible time. When he was brought to us, he had suffered repeated stab wounds to his head with a knife and he also had an ulcer on his eye which was about to burst.

“Understandably, this lovely dog has had to build up his trust of people again. At first, he was very nervous and wary of everyone but after lots of time, effort and tender loving care by the staff, he is ready to be rehomed.

“It has needed a lot of gentle coaxing but Mister Tom has now developed into a brilliant, outgoing dog who adores the people he trusts.

“He is a real favourite with the people who work with him. He is never fussy about his food and is always eager to please. It should be a pleasure for any new owner to carry on his dog training.”

Mister Tom needs around two walks of 20 minutes each a day. He will also need owners who will be gentle with him at first to build up his trust and therefore if the home does have children, older teenagers would be preferable.

n The RSPCA Centre in Stadium Way, Attercliffe, is open every day from 12.30pm until 3.30pm except Wednesday. Call 0114 289 8050.