Misleading consumers on the cost of fares

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I AM writing to express my concern at the woefully distorted article on bus and tram fare levels (Supertram prices up by a third as cheap rates axed, Mar), which does a real disservice to your readers.

The reality is that, despite an environment where motorists have faced a 10 per cent increase in annual fuel and running costs, Stagecoach has frozen the cost of bus and tram travel for regular travellers.

This means most people who use these public transport services will see no change in the price they pay – a positive story for people whose pockets have been hit by big rises in energy bills and the cost of many staple goods over the past six to 12 months.

However, readers would have had to scour your story to find that nugget of information. Instead, the change to one ticket used by only 2 per cent of passengers has been presented as somehow representative of what is happening to bus and tram prices in general.

It is both disappointing and depressing that The Star is misleading consumers about what is really happening to the cost of their public transport.

Steven Stewart, Director of Corporate Communications, Stagecoach Group