‘Miracle’ baby joy for Sheffield mum

Neve Ions.
Neve Ions.
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A couple who tried for 12 years to have a baby have welcomed their ‘miracle’ daughter to the world - thanks to simple blood tests.

Carol and Nick Ions went through a rollercoaster of emotions, and had four unsuccessful courses of IVF in their battle to conceive.

But it wasn’t until a doctor in Sheffield carried out a series of extra tests that the couple learned Carol had a gene mutation which affected the clotting of her blood and, potentially, her ability to get pregnant.

The 41-year-old was given daily injections of a blood-thinning drug during her IVF treatment.

And soon afterwards she learned she was expecting, giving birth to beautiful baby Neve at the Jessop Wing Hospital in Sheffield.

Proud mum Carol, of Halfway, said today: “We had been trying since I was 27 to start a family - I just feel like Neve is a miracle.

“We had waited three years to do this treatment because I couldn’t get my head around doing it again, IVF is such a rollercoaster, and it was the last time we were going to try.

“I went in thinking it wasn’t going to work, we were so adamant that we were planning to go to Las Vegas for my 40th birthday!

“When the clinic called to say we were pregnant we just thought, ‘Oh my God’, and every single week and scan she was still sticking around.

“We think the injections were the sticking glue that gave us our little girl.

“We have been trying for so long, we are absolutely ecstatic and overjoyed.”

Civil servant Carol and husband Nick, a 42-year-old telecoms engineer, had tried IVF treatmemt at clinics in Leeds and Birmingham but suffered very early pregnancy losses called ‘chemical pregnancies’.

They turned to doctors at the CARE fertility clinic in Nether Edge in August 2012, spending £8,500 on treatment and tests.

Medical director Dr Adel Shaker carried out the gene tests to discover why the couple had not been able to conceive, and discovered Carol had the MTHFR gene mutation.

Carol added: “During the whole time we had been trying nobody had looked before at why we weren’t getting pregnant.

“My grandma had died during childbirth and had a Caesarean, and my mum had a blood clot just after she had my sister, so it is in my family history.

“It’s something a lot of people have but they might never know until they try to get pregnant and miscarry or their IVF fails.”

Baby Neve was born nine months ago.

Dr Shaker added: “Carol’s story shows how important it is to be thoroughly investigated for infertility.

“CARE carried out a series of extra tests that revealed the gene mutation, which is linked to miscarriage.

“We were all thrilled to hear Neve is finally here.”