Mining community have harboured bitterness

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The Star (April 20) asked its readers if they think that the Thatcher Funeral Party in Goldthorpe, at which they burned an effigy of Margaret Thatcher, was repulsive?

The answer most certainly is yes! The mining community were once admired for being tough, proud people with a great community spirit.

Their appalling action in celebrating Margaret Thatcher’s death has undoubtedly done them more harm than good as, sadly, it demonstrated that they have not attempted to rise above adversity, but instead have harboured enormous bitterness and hatred against Baroness Thatcher, and wallowed in self-pity since their pit closure. One felt one was witnessing a barbaric scene from the Dark Ages when bloodthirsty crowds used to gather to jeer at people being beheaded, hung from the gallows, or burnt at the stake.

This kind of negative attitude prevents them from moving on and their best response to Margaret Thatcher’s death would have been a dignified silence which would have earned them some respect. However, all they have achieved with their deplorable behaviour is to bring shame on their community and alienate any potential investors who could bring new jobs and prosperity to the area.

Susan Richardson

Lodge Moor, S10