Mindless vandals 'potentially causing harm to children'

'Mindless' vandals have caused more than £600 worth of damage to the Ash Crescent play area in Eckington.

Friday, 5th May 2017, 8:49 am
Updated Tuesday, 9th May 2017, 6:24 pm
Stock picture.

During a routine inspection of the facility, North East Derbyshire District Council found 'idiots' had damaged safety chains and a basket swing which have rendered it out of order.

The council said it appeared someone had taken an angle grinder to the safety chain and bolts and links had been removed from and bent on the basket swing. A discarded needle was also found at the foot of the basket swing.

Councillor Graham Baxter, council leader, said: "This is just mindless vandalism. We only have a certain amount of money to replace and repair equipment each year and once it has been spent, we will have no alternative but to temporarily close the recreation facilities if they are deemed unsafe.

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"For this level of damage to be done, the culprits must be taking equipment on to the play area with the sole intention of causing damage and potentially causing harm to children. We would urge people to contact us straight away if they see anything.

"The actions of a few idiots are just spoiling it for the rest of the community who do take care of and enjoy the facilities we provide."