Miles creates Tuggz soccer scarf that pulls apart when tugged

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BRAINY soccer fan Miles Howarth thinks he’s netted a winner - with a design for a snood that breaks apart when it is grabbed.

And the 16-year-old schoolboy says his innovative creation has already prompted interest from a number of Premier League clubs.

The young entrepreneur was inspired to create ‘Tuggz’ following Fifa’s ban on the popular snoods.

Snoods - a type of scarf used by mostly foreign football stars to keep their necks warm while playing in the harsh British winter - will be outlawed from July.

Fifa called time on the circular scarf-replacements, claiming they were dangerous and could effectively ‘hang somebody’ if they were yanked.

Now Miles, a student at Birkdale School in Fulwood, is hoping to capitalise on the decision with his design.

“Tuggz have been expertly streamlined, making them more difficult to grip,” Miles explained.

“If a player does manage to get hold, the garment’s multi-stress ‘Tugg-points’ will cause the ‘Tuggz’ to detach and come away from the neck, without the risk of choking.”

The business student’s design has already featured on the Tech Table on Sky Sports’ Soccer AM.

“The clip got 3,000 views on YouTube in a week,” Miles said.

“We took a shot sending them the prototype and the coverage they gave it was brilliant.”

Miles is already thinking ahead, with plans to produce ‘Tuggz’ in various clubs’ team colours so they are still visible when players are wearing their training jackets and so fans can wear them to show their support.

His big wish now is for a top sports name like Adidas or Nike to step forward and buy the design.

“You can’t disagree with the concept and we’ve had a few premier league clubs enquire about it so we know there’s a market for it,” said Miles, who lives with his family in Dore.

Miles’ father Peter works in promotional gifts and helped him to develop his prototype after Miles pitched him the idea.

“The last few weeks have been like a dream,” Miles added.

“I love the idea of Premier players wearing my design and just want to make this happen.”