Mile-a-day challenge launched to help Barnsley children get more active

A new fitness campaign has been launched in Barnsley - aimed at getting children fit.

Team Activ, a social enterprise which provides opportunities for physical activities for young people, has launched a new lunchtime running, walking or riding programme to encourage children to complete at least a mile of exercise a day.

Each mile will be logged on a map of national trails to help the youngsters visualise their achievements.

Founder of Team Activ, Darren Padgett, said: “Schools are seeing an alarming rise in childhood obesity rates with over 20 per cent of children entering primary school obese and over 30 per cent leaving primary school obese.

“We hope that this will provide long term goals which are tangible for students to work towards over the course of the year, which will be beneficial academically, socially and physically.

“Not only do we hope to improve the social, mental and physical well-being of all children taking part but we also aim to educate pupils by using cross curricular links to other subjects such as science and geography.”