Migrants are major problem

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The situation overnight, (Tuesday, July 29) is nothing less than a full-scale invasion. Hundreds of thousands of foreign nationals coming to our land for a life on benefits.

Let us look at the cost of these 1,500 alone. Benefits, housing, schooling, healthcare and the cost of interpreters, I estimate this will be at least £250,000 per week or £12 million per anum.

The estimated cost to the taxpaxer for the foreign scroungers so far is £100 billion per annum. The NHS costs us £110 billion pa, to give an estimate of the problem.

Mr Cameron promised the strictest welfare reforms ever if he was re-elected, so where are those reforms?

We lived for almost four years on the island of Cyprus, who are EU members.

The rule there is that you work for at least 18 months before you are entitled to benefits.

Even then there is a maximum of six months on benefits as that is enough time to get a job.

Life in Great Britain is intolerable – the city centres are full of foreign scroungers who don’t know what to do. Crime is rife and people don’t feel safe to go out after dark because of these foreign gangs.

We are not solving a problem allowing these people into our land, we are creating a major problem.

When we left school in 1966 everyone in our class had a job or apprenticeship to go to, our youth are now going straight from school onto the scrapheap.

Paul J Sargeant

Barrow Road, Sheffield, S9