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I AM writing in response to the letter from RMW (Dec 28) and the recent story of kittens rescued from a fire and subsequently adopted by a fireman.

It is believed that the mother of the kittens who were rescued unfortunately died in the fire: an adult cat’s body was found near the litter of kittens and it is presumed this cat was the mother.

Only two kittens survived and the rest unfortunately died in the fire.

There were a number of cats seen that day in the immediate area of the incident and a black and white cat was seen moving a kitten. It is not known whether this cat lived in the house involved in the fire or whether this was a neighbouring cat. This cat and its kitten were not subsequently located and it is unknown whether the cat was feral or owned.

The kittens were with us on foster from a few weeks of age and rehomed when they reached eight weeks’ old.

After the fire, a notice was placed on the property urging any owners to contact us.

Unfortunately, no owners came forward so the kittens were put up for adoption when they reached eight weeks of age. It is not known whether the cats and kittens were owned or feral and this is something we are unlikely to be able to confirm.

RSPCA Sheffield promote neutering as part of responsible pet ownership and the two rescued kittens adopted from the centre were neutered when they were old enough to do so.

We urge all cat owners to neuter their cats to help reduce the number of unwanted, abandoned and stray cats and kittens in Sheffield and we continue to work hard to convey this important message to the people of Sheffield.

Microchipping is also essential to enable us to reunite lost pets with owners and we are pleased to be holding a reduced-rate microchipping day, at a cost of only £5 per pet microchipped, at our centre in Attercliffe on Sunday, January 22.

Stella White, general manager, RSPCA Sheffield Animal Centre