Meteorologist reveals this clever trick to defrost your windscreen quicker than everÂ

Many people in Sheffield woke up this morning to find ice covering their car as the cold snap hit the UK.Â

Tips for defrosting your windscreen
Tips for defrosting your windscreen

Forecasters had issued a yellow '˜be aware' warning for ice overnight in Sheffield as temperatures plummeted to as low as -2C. 

The cold temperatures meant that many people had to spend ten minutes extra this morning defrosting their car windows. 

Tips for defrosting your windscreen

With similar conditions expected tonight, here is some useful information about how to defrost your car windscreen quicker than ever. 

Meteorologist Ken Weathers has revealed that there is a quicker way of defrosting your window rather than merely heating your car up or using an ice scraper. 

Weathers explains there is a better way of clearing your windscreen in a morning which will save you a lot of time and effort. 

He warned drivers to never use hot water as this could break the windshield but instead use a '˜simple spray of solution' to make the de-icing a lot quicker. 

The solution is actually very simple and includes mixing rubbing alcohol and water. 

Simply mix one third part of water with two thirds parts of rubbing alcohol before pouring it into a spray bottle. 

Weathers explains that the reason this works is that rubbing alcohol has a freezing point of -128C below freezing. 

Temperatures are expected to dip to as low as -1C overnight in Sheffield with a high tomorrow of just 3C.