Metal theft police win plaudits

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South Yorkshire Police were among officers from 10 forces who received certificates for their part in a ‘highly successful’ operation against metal theft.

Organisations, including electricity company Northern Powergrid and HMRC were also commended for their specialist help and support during the operation.

Coast to Coast Tornado ran for a week last December and resulted in 57 arrests linked to £115,000 worth of seized, suspected stolen goods.

Some 215 scrapyards were visited and 3,546 vehicles stopped and searched, with 76 vehicles were seized.

In the first ever operation of its kind, the Yorkshire and the Humber region joined forces with the North West region to tackle metal theft across the north of England.

Regional co-ordinator Acting Inspector Wayne Goodwin said: “Coast to Coast Tornado disrupted the theft, disposal, transport and export of stolen metal through targeting roads, ports and scrapyards.”