Met Office offers help for storm hit Yorkshire businesses

Met Office
Met Office
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The Met Office is helping businesses across Yorkshire and England affected by the recent storms and floods.

Many businesses across the country were flooded or suffered storm damage during the December 2013 storms.

Northern England was battered by winds of over 70mph which caused damage to residential and business properties as well as disrupting normal business activities.

Some areas are still dealing with flood conditions, while others have begun the slow steps to recovery.

Those businesses are now faced with lengthy insurance claims before they can repair the storm damage and get up and running again.

Throughout the storms, Met Office weather warnings have been instrumental in alerting the public services, businesses and the public about incoming weather conditions that present a risk.

And now, the Met Office is working to help businesses, during the recovery, from the stormy weather.

The Met Office is offering a 10 percent discount on two key reports, Storm Analysis and Rainfall Analysis, to help business evidence the weather conditions causing damage to properties and business operations.

These reports allow insurance companies to validate claims more quickly and confidently. The reports are localised and provide analysis of the weather event and return periods of these events to allow comparison.

Moving forward, the need for a more informed understanding of past and future extreme weather impacts can make a real difference to businesses of all sizes.

Having a handle on the potential weather impact on business operations, e.g. deliveries, supplies, demand for products, and logistics, will help to build a more resilient business plan and systems, keeping costs down and disruption to a minimum.

The Met Office can help businesses, by carrying out detailed analysis, providing historic weather data, and consultative support, to ensure that they are able to more confidently plan resources and manage assets effectively.