Message loud and clear

Prime Minister David Cameron
Prime Minister David Cameron
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The message from the Tory party conference held in Manchester came over loud and clear to the electorate that the nasty party are back with a bang.

Full speed ahead was the theme of our Prime Minster’s speech to warn us that he is just halfway through his war against Britain’s working class, the sick and those on low incomes.

With the Lib Dems now out of the way David Cameron no longer feels the need to feign humanity for the victims of his government’s policies.

Having announced that this five-year term will be his last, Cameron is now free to take off the gloves and ram through his policies that are designed to favour the rich and hammer the poor.

The next five years will be more austerity, more cuts to our public services, no hope for the five million people on council waiting lists, with the low-paid workers and poor families plunged further into poverty.

David Cameron may be in a hurry before the door closes on him, but by the time he leaves office he may well find that most voters have had more than enough of both him and his nasty party.

John Yale

High Green