MEP should get a proper job at home

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Godfrey Bloom ranted both in The Star and on his own UKIP website about the ignorance of the public when we dare hold multinationals to account for not paying their fair share of taxes in the UK, on profits made here.

How much contempt does the UKIP MEP demonstrate for the public? Bloom is clearly out of touch.

He says it is to the benefit of the UK customers that Starbuck’s hide profits through accounting sleight of hand.

How exactly does tax avoidance by Starbuck’s benefit the UK customers who pay tax faithfully and responsibly?

How ironic it is that the Europhobe Bloom is happy to see money, made on sales here in the UK, going instead to the Dutch and Swiss taxman.

Bloom talks of politicians ‘huffing and puffing’, well guess what Bloom, it wasn’t the politicians that made Starbuck’s undertake such a dramatic U-turn with their tail between their legs, it was the UK public, the UK consumers who voted with their feet and went to a more responsible coffee shop.

As a result, we the UK public have caused Starbuck’s to pay more than an extra £10 million in tax into the UK coffers each year for several years.

This increase in tax payments to the HMRC will truly benefit the UK customers, not the Dutch or Swiss.

This money is more than enough to reverse the savage cuts to elderly care across Yorkshire that we are seeing.

Maybe it’s time Godfrey Bloom gave up his tax-payer-funded jollies on the continent and came home to do a proper job.

Mark Jones, Hillsborough