Mend broken Britain

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Figures quoted in the article ‘Schools Are Paying Out Thousands In Claims To Teachers And Pupils’ (The Star, June 29, 2015) must pale into insignificance when compared to the vast amounts of cash poured into so-called ‘deprived’ communities over the years.

Despite this, problems of unemployment, poor education, drug and alcohol addiction and criminality persist.

Ironically, misery and poverty for some has become a source of employment and prosperity for others and created a divided ‘us and them’ society.

It is claimed there are plenty of jobs available. If so, why do we still have so many unemployed when staggering amounts of government cash have been paid into job finding schemes?

Set up to ‘mend broken Britain’, the Coalition’s ‘Big Society’ project has failed.

Add to that the banking fiasco, the Trading Standards debacle, police charging the public to fight their case in the Hillsborough disaster and further afield the MP’s expenses scandal, to name a few, and we can see how fantastic amounts of cash disappear down the drain.

Meanwhile, lower down the chain, people with neither a voice nor control over the use of these fantastic sums, are publicly vilified as feckless and forced to the doors of food banks!

Mary Steele

Parson Cross, Sheffield S5