Men paid more than women in South Yorkshire Police - gender pay gap study reveals

Men are paid more than women in South Yorkshire Police
Men are paid more than women in South Yorkshire Police

Police chiefs in South Yorkshire have revealed details of the force's gender pay gap - with women paid an average of 21.7 per cent less than men.

The force has the ninth largest gender pay gap out of 44 across England and Wales, it has emerged.

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The police force with the highest gender pay gap pays its female staff more than a quarter less than men, figures show.

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Derbyshire Constabulary has a median gender pay gap of 28.8 per cent.

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When comparing hourly rates, women earn 71p for every £1 men earn.

Kent , Durham and Dorset follow in the list of forces with the biggest gender pay gaps.

No police force has a gender pay gap in favour of women, and only Cleveland Police has no gap at all.

Every police force in England and Wales has submitted its figures to the Government Equalities Office, something all companies and public bodies with 250 employees or more must do.

The gender pay gap is calculated as the difference between the average salaries of men and women.

The national median gender pay gap is 18.4 per cent, with 23 police forces having a pay gap at or below the national average, while 21 are higher.