Men have manned up; it’s cool to be a daddy - and a big softie to boot

Doting dad Wayne Rooney with eldest son Kai
Doting dad Wayne Rooney with eldest son Kai
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It’s official. Being a dad brings out the best in men.

Most blokes feel that having children has made them a better person.

Their sons and daughters have taught them that amazingly powerful thing called unconditional love - and made them realise they need to live up to their responsibilities in life.

Patience is another attribute they’ve picked up in buckets and spades since having kids.

And a whopping 92 per cent of 1,200 fathers surveyed say that the things they have learnt from being a parent makes them a better partner.

Fathers’ Day is nigh and how good it is to hear men actually boasting about the fact that they are loved-up fathers - and better men as a consequence. A few generations ago, few family patriarchs would have admitted to it for fear of being labelled a softie. And even now, there are

What’s changing attitudes? Changing time. The rise of the working mother means countless men have had to spend more time with their kids. As a result, much closer bonds have been formed than those men ever got the chance to have with their own dads.

And 21st Century Man now has in abundance something every man needs; a Daddy Cool role model. Look at Celebrityworld today and it’s crammed with hugely successful, testosterone-reeking, macho types more than happy to reveal their soft side. And I don’t just mean their penchant for night cream.

Three lads, and now a little girl he freely admits he wants to lock up in an ivory tower when she’s older? David Beckham has to be the archetypal modern dad. I hasn’t done his image anything but good. Every time you see a picture of him with his kids, you ignore the Rebecca Loos story and just know he’s a good guy.

Even Wayne Rooney, a man famed as much for his alleged shameful sexcapades behind his wife’s back as his footie prowess, finally seems to have manned up now he’s a dad of two.

Though if he ever puts a foot wrong again, ironically it could be him that finds it easier to find a new love than the faithful Coleen.

We women are such a sucker for the good dad lad, we see men with kids as more attractive potential partners.

Sadly, the same is still not true of single mothers.