Memories of World Peace Conference in 1950

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Thank you so much for your replies to my request for information about the World Peace Conference in 1950.

I am beginning to think my memory of a ‘march’ was possibly when our coach from Bristol arrived in Sheffield and we all then walked, as a group, to the Town Hall or wherever.

I am quite certain of my memory of being in a hall of some sort and watching a film about a Chinese servant who was treated badly.

My father was a Fire Brigade Union official so I guess that is why he was there.

I have no idea why he took me along with him but I do know that it made an impression on me at the time so I feel there must have been some sort of events happening.

When we arrived home in Bristol I told my mother I wanted to join the Communist Party, but she wisely told me to wait until I was older – 12 years old was rather too young!

Mary Crane

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