Memorial trees

When Sheffield City Council has the war memorial trees removed by their contractor Amey, after the chainsaws fall silent, when they have removed a hundred years of honour from our streets, what will they do with the wood?

Tuesday, 21st March 2017, 5:47 am
Updated Friday, 24th March 2017, 10:05 am

What will they do with the trunks of these trees? What does the creative imagination of Sheffield City Council envision for one hundred rings of Sheffield tributes to the fallen dead?

Will they commission them to be carved into fitting reminders of the futility of war?

Will they have benches made from them so that generations to come may rest and ponder a better future?

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No, they will sell them off as bio fuel, burned away, reduced to nothing but ash and air pollution.

And in the place of these majestic reminders of past sacrifice they will plant wrist-thick saplings of trees that will never replace what came before them and expect the people of Sheffield to love them for it.

Our city council is unfit for purpose.

They shame us all.



I apologise for my error

Can I reply once more to Mr Palmer and apologise to say that you didn’t say that Blair had a sexual relationship with Edwina Currie, you were of course referring to John Major and Mrs Currie.

The same comment applies though, what has that relationship got to do with anything that Major says about Brexit?

Furthermore, I would like to add that I am not a reader of the Guardian, neither am I a listener or a viewer with the BBC, only rarely, with the exception of listening to certain Radio Sheffield broadcasts.

I was born and brought up in a small mining village and fortunate enough to attend an excellent grammar school who never let me down, in fact the reverse is true.

My own “philosophy” is not to jump to immediate conclusions about others, or things that I don’t know about, but prefer to listen and further investigate if necessary.

I am not bigoted about our European friends, and yes I use the word “friends” without hesitation, and at the same time do not believe that some of these nations hate the British, (although I do wonder why they don’t at times).

Every nation has its good and its bad people and Britain is no different.

Your final comment of “happy Brexiteering” in my view, totally sums you up, and as I said in my first paragraph, I apologise for my “human” error.

Most of us are human and are wrong at times, others don’t believe that they ever are. Make of that what you will.

B Heaton


Loxley old church

My fellow campaigner Mick Drewry informs of the latest on Loxley Old Church.

The Health and Safety Executive continue to make efforts to solicit a response from the current owner but none is forthcoming. Establishing who that owner is – based on Land Registry documentation – is not clear.

I am, along with Nick Clegg MP, local residents and other campaigners aware of some initial ideas/proposals regarding housing development/car parking etc on the site.

It is obviously vital that the circumstances as far as they can be established are brought to wider public attention.

This needs to happen and happen soon to allay the concerns of ordinary folk like the lady at Grenoside who lobbied me this week about her concerns over relatives interred in what can be probably regarded as a ‘jungle’.

Ron Clayton


Job creation in Sheffield

I see the benefit sanctions, (March 15) have been released to make it appear unemployment is falling. Where’s the job creation in Sheffield and surrounding area? It doesn’t exist.

S Ellis


Sort this disgrace out

Can councillor Lodge tell me who is responsible for the environment? Please explain why nothing has been done about this dump site on Rustling Road.

It has been like this since before last year. He must have passed it when he was involved with the trees, so why wasn’t anything done at the time?

Is it the responsibility of the shop owners or the council to remove this eyesore?

Get it sorted now, it’s a disgrace.



Why do we need one?

The new services at Smithy Wood, do we really need one?

It’s over the back from me, but am not a Nimby, that doesn’t bother me, but I just cannot see what service it will provide.

There is Woodall and Woolley Edge services not far from this site.

Taking away more woodland and trampling over nature, I say leave alone.

Jyane Grayson

by email