Meeting with minister to deal with ‘disgusting habit’

Doncaster  Mayor Peter Davies.
Doncaster Mayor Peter Davies.
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PEOPLE who spit on the streets of Doncaster could be slapped with a fine.

Talks have started between Doncaster Council and the Government to allow new laws to be introduced to stamp out the practice.

Mayor Peter Davies raised the issue at a full meeting of Doncaster council and he believes officials at the Department for Communities and Local Government are ‘mindful’ to support his request.

Following the meeting, Mr Davies, said: “Spitting is a disgusting habit and we have been trying to enforce a by-law against it for some time now.

“I met recently with the Bob Neill, the Parliamentary Under Secretary of State at the Department for Communities and Local Government, and he was very sympathetic to our situation.

“He recognises that spitting and swearing is anti-social and is part of a wider problem including other anti-social behaviour and forms of harassment.

“I hope that in the near future we’ll be able to fine people who spit, swear and make a nuisance of themselves on the streets of Doncaster.”

A council spokesman said the level of fines which would be handed to those who broke any laws on spitting, were yet to be discussed.

The plans to clamp down on spitting are part of a range of measures which are being proposed to deal with anti-social behaviour, including a planned 24 hour squad of police and council officers tasked specifically to deal with nuisance.

Doncaster is already issuing on-the-spot fines for people who litter the streets, with those who fail to pay being taken to court.

The latest wave of prosecutions for litter dropping took place at the end of June, when 28 people were handed fines and charges totalling nearly £8,700 by Doncaster magistrates.

Parts of the borough are also covered by local laws banning nuisance drinking. There are 12 areas covered by the bans, the most recent being Thorne and Moorends.