Meet baby Henderson – the baby named after Sheffield’s famous Relish!

Say hello to little baby Henderson – named after Sheffield’s famous Henderson’s Relish!

Thursday, 28th February 2019, 12:33 pm
Updated Thursday, 28th February 2019, 12:37 pm
Baby Henderson was named after Sheffield's famous Relish.

The tot, who made his entrance into the world earlier this month, was given the name by his Sheffield-born dad Gareth Holland – and he’s even picked up the nickname ‘Hendo’ such is his family’s devotion to the black stuff!

Baby Henderson was named after Sheffield's famous Relish.

He explained: “I’m a big fan of Henderson’s Relish and I half jokingly suggested Henderson as a name to my wife Samantha.

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“She didn’t seem sure at first but she liked it and it stuck and so here we are – baby Henderson!”

Gareth, 39 and Samantha, 33, who live in Hemel Hempstead, welcomed baby Henderson on February 2, weighing in at 8lb 2oz at Watford General Hospital.

Baby Henderson has already been nicknamed Hendo by his dad.

Added Gareth, who was born and brought up in Crookes before heading south  in the year 2000: “When we found out Sam was pregnant, we obviously began discussing names.

“But we couldn’t agree on anything. Everything I suggested she didn’t like and vice versa.

“We were just going round in circles and getting nowhere.

“We wanted to pick a name that meant something to us, not just some generic name from a book.

Henderson with mum Samantha.

“Then one day I just said ‘well, you know how much I like Henderson’s Relish, how about ‘Henderson?’

“She looked at me a bit quizzically but she liked it and it stuck. It was the only name we could agree on!”

The pair then began researching the name – and discovering its Scottish heritage, decided it fitted in perfectly with Sam’s roots in Scotland and also Gareth’s Steel City background.

Baby Henderson will be coming back to Sheffield later this year.

He added: “Sam’s family don’t know about Henderson’s Relish and they think it's an amazing name.

“When I told mine that we’d named him after the Relish, they were like ‘really?’

Despite living down south, the couple make regular visits north to visit relatives and also stock up on bottles of the spicy condiment – which Gareth admits he is addicted to.

“I do a lot of cooking and I put it in everything and on everything,” he said. “Fortunately Sam has got used to it and likes it too.”

He’s even sent bottles of Hendo’s by family and friends at Christmas and birthdays – and the walls of the couple’s home are also adorned with Henderson’s themed paintings by Sheffield artist Pete McKee.

And baby Henderson is set to be reunited with the birthplace of Relish later this year – as the family are moving back to Sheffield to live.

Gareth and Samantha with baby Henderson.

Added Gareth: “Sheffield has undergone such a transformation in recent years and it is a great place to bring up families. Sam loves it up there and we thought it would be a great place to bring Henderson up.

“You never know, we might take him to visit the factory when he’s older.”

The couple sent photos of their new baby to Relish bosses who are sending a ‘care package’ to mark Henderson’s arrival.

“I’m hoping it will be a few bottles of Hendo’s,” laughed Gareth.

Henderson's general manager, Matt Davies, said: "We were all over the moon when we heard about the arrival of baby Henderson.

"It's a family business, and I reckon if Henry Henderson had known back in 1885 that one day there'd be a young man whose name he'd helped to inspire, he'd have been chuffed to bits.

"All our very best wishes to Samantha, Gareth and of course little Henderson. With a name like that, he's definitely going to grow up strong."  

Henry Henderson began manufacturing sauce in the latter part of the 19th century.

Originally manufactured at 35 Broad Lane in Sheffield, Henderson’s Relish was still being made and was in uninterrupted production within half a mile of the site from which the first bottle was filled until the move to a new food production factory in 2013.

The product's slogan is, "Made in Sheffield for over 100 years".