Media needs integrity

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james Murdoch’s announcement that the News of the World is to shut may be seen as no great loss to British journalism after Murdoch’s union-busting agenda at Wapping 25 years ago.

But it’s clear this is just the latest tactic by Murdoch to divert attention from the scandal enveloping him. 

Those at the top who direct editorial policy will not be held responsible or lose their jobs, while many ordinary workers will. We wish to see all those ultimately responsible for the disgraceful use of phone-hacking being held fully accountable. We also want to see a media that acts with integrity.

That can only be achieved when control is wrested from the hands of the likes of media barons such as Murdoch. 

The decision to get rid of ordinary reporters is unacceptable. Tom Watson, MP has exposed the corruption and collusion with the criminal underworld and police that the paper engaged in.

He said: “Families who trusted Rebekah Brooks when she said she felt their pain, families who have been cruelly let down by the intrusion into private grief and the callous exploitation of their suffering - anguished families, indeed - are now being tortured yet again by the knowledge that no-one can grieve in private, cry without surveillance, talk to friends without their private feelings becoming public property.”

James Murdoch should be suspended from office while the police investigate is held into this scandal.

He is the chairman of a company that, without board approval, authorised money to be paid to silence people who had been hacked.

Murdoch, as a foreign owner, controls far too much of our press and has far reaching political influence.

I would like to see ordinary staff push out Murdoch and take control over the direction of the news, not Murdoch pushing out his staff.

The Government must not allow News Corp to take control of BSKYB. It does not help to create a fair and balanced media. Now is not the time to hide timidly behind the Competition Commission.

Ged Dempsey, national committee member, Graphical Paper & Media Union