McDonald’s machete attack: Sheffield joins together to thank heroic police officers

A man who reportedly attacked a member of the public outside McDonald’s yesterday morning was disarmed and detained within two minutes by brave police officers.

Friday, 1st February 2019, 1:38 pm
Updated Friday, 1st February 2019, 1:39 pm
Police officers in Sheffield

A man was seen carrying a large knife on CCTV in the city centre yesterday morning before the shocking atack took place outside the fast-food restaurant. 

Thankfully, police were on the scene within two minutes disarm the man and arrest the 21-year-old on suspicion of attempted murder. 

Superintendent Paul McCurry revealed after the attack that two of the four officers who responded were student officers before signling them out for special praise. 

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He said: “Of the four police officers involved in this matter have run towards danger two are student officers. These acts of bravery highlight the tremendous work our officers do to make Sheffield a safe place.”

Eyewitnesses said they feared lives would have been lost if it were not for the quick actions of the police and residents were quick to praise the heroic officers. 

Ian Hammond said: “Sad news for the injured chap but an absolute well done to the student police. You’ve done yourselves and Sheffield proud. We applaud you.

Dee Bright said: “Sterling job to the two officers! Was sorted as quickly as possible. Well done to the city cctv surveillance people too who made the call.”

Maria Bayliss posted: “Well done to them! Hope they are proud of themselves.”

Donna Docherty wrote: “Amazing efforts lads - I mean I know adrenaline must take over & u probably didn't think twice - but you are so brave.”

Maria Barnsley said: “Well done to all the officers to what could have been a very different story.”

A 47-year-old man injured in the incident was taken to the Northern General Hospital with non-life threatening injuries.